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Somerset Natural Soaps - Bath Bombs

Somerset Natural Soaps - Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs by 'Somerset Natural Soaps' - approx 120g

All Bath Bombs are Palm oil free unlike many others on the market, and Julie uses Virgin Cold Pressed Hemp seed oil in her Recipe. 100% natural, Vegan, palm oil free & cruelty free. No artificial colourants or fragrances are used, only essential oils, botanicals, herbs and natural clays are used.

1. Sophisticated Moma - Rose Geranium & Lemongrass essential oils Pink Cornflower & Rose petals. This bath bomb teams with Sophisticated Moma Soap.

2. And Breathe.... Bergamot & Eucalyptus Essential oils, with green Tea & Eucalyptus leaves.

3. And Relax....Lavender & Clary Sage Essential oils, Lavender & Blue Cornflowers.

4. Calming & Restful...Geranium & Chamomile Essential oils, Calendula & Chamomile flowers. This Bath Bomb teams up with Sensitive skin soap