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Somerset Natural Soaps - Soap bar

Somerset Natural Soaps - Soap bar

Handmade natural soap made by 'Somerset Natural Soaps'.
All soaps are 100% natural, Vegan, Palm oil free & cruelty free. No artificial colourants or fragrances are used, only essential oils, botanicals, herbs and natural clays are used and all base oils are sustainable, organic and fair trade when available.

Each batch of soap is made using the ancient method of cold process soap making. Each bar recipe is carefully calculated and created by Julie with specific ingredients to give a moisturising very mild & gentle bar that will nourish the skin and not leave the skin feeling dry or itchy.

1. Sophisticated Moma - Rose, geranium & lemon essential oils, activated charcoal, pink clay.

2. Luxury lavender - Lavender & May Chang, refreshing slightly citrus essential oil giving the bar a different scent from the usual lavender soap. Indigo & alkanet root infused oils for natural colour.

3. Sensitive skin soap - Geranium & Chamomile essential oils, Organic ground Calendula petals.

4. Somerset cider soap- Local Somerset Apple Cider (Contains Hemp Seed Oil) Cedarwood & Rosewood essential oils.

5. Force of Nature - Zeolite Volcanic Natural Clay & Montmorillonite Clay, Turmeric Powder, Essential oils Eucalyptus & Neroli ( Orange Blossom)

6. Tea Tree & Charcoal - Tea Tree essential Oil and Activated Charcoal & Spirulina Powder ( Contains Hemp Seed Oil)