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Crocheted ‘Festival Bag’

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Crocheted ‘Festival Bag’

💕❤️🌈Festival Bag 🧶💛🌈
One of a kind, completely unique, beautifully made, bright, happy crocheted “festival bags”.

Handmade right here in Taunton by the Queen of Crochet, Sandy Thomas! These bags are the perfect size for over the shoulder and will most definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

Made using “Granny Squares” in 100% cotton, these bags have a real retro feel, and it’s very clear to see just how much love has gone in to making them.

They are priced at £35 each which is an absolute steal considering the amount of work AND skill involved making them ❤️🌈

Measure approx 20" in height from base to top of strap and approx 12.5" wide.