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‘Mama Bear’ 🐻 framed print

‘Mama Bear’ 🐻 framed print

Rocket & Co.

For all you Mama Bears out there!! Currently hibernating during lockdown and bringing your bear Cubs up...doing all that you can for them during this weird time.
There’s something about the Grizzly bear that I relate to right now so felt it was a perfect artwork to create and a perfect print to offer you just before Mother’s Day.

This is a high quality giclée print on 230gsm archival matt paper. Featuring my ‘Mother bear and cub’ paper cut artwork. The original artwork was created out of the pages of old children’s books.
Underneath the image is my Dictionary definition of ‘Mama Bear’...which reads as follows:- mama bear noun 1. (Informal) A female bear currently rearing one or more Cubs. 2.(slang) A woman, especially a mother, who is extremely protective of a child or children 3. loving, patient, caring, warm, strong, protective 4. Is both soft and comforting AND hard and fierce 5. love for child is unconditional. 6. do not mess with!
Also known as ma, mam, mom, momma, mommy, mother, mum, mummy

The print comes framed in a 8”x10” white deep box frame with black inner edge which compliments the print perfectly. If preferred the print can be framed close to the glass without the black edge. The frame can be wall mounted or free standing.